We drove around the city, frantically
Fearful of every bump in the road
Looking for a clinic, a sign
For anybody that could save his life
Nobody answered, harsh lights
A Holiday night, the time
Acted against us.
Wounded past eleven
Missed the mark by minutes
We were left helpless,
With no other choice
Everything was closed
Except for his wounds,
So we went back home,
Grabbed gauzes and strings
Mercury and adhesives
In our quiet desperation
While our hands trembled
Medicine dripping and spilling.
When we finally grabbed
A good look at his wounds,
We could not believe
What we were seeing.
Skin ripped from the neck, stomach, back
All exposed flesh, meat like brains
Profusely spilling his blood.
A bite that tore
And revealed his insides
On his right hind leg
Deep enough to fit
A thumb and knuckle in.
What I felt that night
Was difficult to describe.
God likes playing jokes,
We can blame ourselves,
All we like, or we can learn
From mistakes, and avoid
Our same suffering.
Then the time has arrived
To flip the switch,
Civilization was founded on
Cooperation for survival
We learned this was the best way
To avoid heartaches and pain,
To protect the life of our loved ones
Truth be told, to protect ourselves
From our misery, when we face Death
Knowing our loved ones will no longer be around
To cheer us up, to drown the loneliness
Of an ‘I’ left as a witness
Accursed consciousness,
Learn to save yourself,
Before you can save others.
A lesson that is hard-learned
A nobody that couldn’t operate on
A being who dedicated himself to them,
Money cannot cloud its worthlessness,
Money cannot buy courage.
A will to save another’s life
To bring them back alive.
So civilization, trust in vets
Have faith, while God persists
To teach you traumatic lessons308025_10150359534022497_1021527237_n
Demanding sacrifices,
Which should not even exist.
Everything is perfect as it is.
Chaos’ distress,
Money becomes worthless,
When you cannot buy treatment
For family, close to death.

Where every moment left
Is spent collecting bloodstains,
On your clothing, from holding
Him close. Warmth,
To make his last moments
A comfort through his torment.
If only I had the knowledge,
To stand up to your reign,
To had stitched your open wounds
If only I had the courage,
To heal your wounds
I’m sorry life demanded it to be you.
If I had listened to the barks,
If I had checked to see you outside,
Then I wouldn’t have had to die,
I wouldn’t have had to die.

Written by: Alan Valle Monagas

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