“Idiot” by JEFF the Brotherhood


“Idiot” by JEFF the Brotherhood questions society’s bullshit by pointing out the absurdity behind our notorious motivational credo “what doesn’t kill you makes you strong.” They reply “but that doesn’t make any sense to me at all” (9-11). I mean, shit…

Have you ever thought of it that way before? We repeat things without understanding them, all the time. I guess that’s why we tell the mentally ill to get over themselves. Hey, look a disabled veteran, let’s encourage him, “what doesn’t kill you makes you strong!” Let’s “grab a cold one” ignorance is fucking bliss. Awesome visuals. Jake has a third eye and two yellow faces. His faces turn red and he says really mean things,

I did it because I hated you
I degraded you and left you alone
And I really really really really really really really really
Really love to make you feel bad (18-21)

Before minute three his shadow guides him, it’s disturbing. It’s a telepathic message from an ex. “I did it because I hate you / I degraded you and left you alone” makes sense. Bad relationships. Sure, you might lose your chances to hook up with dozens of beautiful people, but at least you don’t have nightmares anymore. I can’t think of another mantra to question right now. Maybe I’m an idiot, but now I’m stronger thanks to JEFF the Brotherhood. Is it an earthquake or is it a ghost? I guess I should go deeper, “[twenty] sack / Hey give me half of that / A chocolate ice cream” (23-25) holy shit she drank half my bottle of Baileys.

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