Heidy Colón

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Heidy Colón is a photographer from San German, Puerto Rico who currently studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. Heidy has been practicing photography for over seven years now, and started in middle school.


Heidy Blair Photography

Heidy’s photography captures Puerto Rico’s beauty through a psychedelic lens. Her photography’s subjects are primarily found within nature. She focuses her lens on landscapes, flowers and portraits of people.

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When I asked Heidy about her vocation and how it came to be, she had the following to share,

The way I found my calling within the photography realm wasn’t really a specific moment in time. It grew gradually, as I kept exploring different subjects to portray in front of my lens. Even so, when I started photographing rustic spots from my hometown San Germán, it caught my attention how people kept asking where that picture was taken (even by locals that have lived there their whole lives). I was mesmerized by this realization, and decided to take the matter into my own hands by always looking beyond the main centers of attraction and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary life.

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Heidy Blair Photography

Heidy’s work in Flickr has garnered over 124,000 views. Her photography captures Puerto Rico’s atmosphere, and gives you a sense of being there, in the moment. Heidy’s photography aims to blur lines between humanity and nature.

In a world where superficiality and “fitting in” is a constant variable jumping around in society, noticing these small details makes the understanding of diversity much easier to normalize.

You can follow Heidy’s work on her Flickr and Facebook:



Written by: Alan Valle