We drove around the city, frantically
Fearful of every bump in the road
Looking for a clinic, a sign
For anybody that could save his life
Nobody answered, harsh lights
A Holiday night, the time
Acted against us.
Wounded past eleven
Missed the mark by minutes
We were left helpless,
With no other choice
Everything was closed
Except for his wounds,
So we went back home,
Grabbed gauzes and strings
Mercury and adhesives
In our quiet desperation
While our hands trembled
Medicine dripping and spilling.
When we finally grabbed
A good look at his wounds,
We could not believe
What we were seeing.
Skin ripped from the neck, stomach, back
All exposed flesh, meat like brains
Profusely spilling his blood.
A bite that tore
And revealed his insides
On his right hind leg
Deep enough to fit
A thumb and knuckle in.
What I felt that night
Was difficult to describe.
God likes playing jokes,
We can blame ourselves,
All we like, or we can learn
From mistakes, and avoid
Our same suffering.
Then the time has arrived
To flip the switch,
Civilization was founded on
Cooperation for survival
We learned this was the best way
To avoid heartaches and pain,
To protect the life of our loved ones
Truth be told, to protect ourselves
From our misery, when we face Death
Knowing our loved ones will no longer be around
To cheer us up, to drown the loneliness
Of an ‘I’ left as a witness
Accursed consciousness,
Learn to save yourself,
Before you can save others.
A lesson that is hard-learned
A nobody that couldn’t operate on
A being who dedicated himself to them,
Money cannot cloud its worthlessness,
Money cannot buy courage.
A will to save another’s life
To bring them back alive.
So civilization, trust in vets
Have faith, while God persists
To teach you traumatic lessons
Demanding sacrifices,
Which should not even exist.
Everything is perfect as it is.
Chaos’ distress,
Money becomes worthless,
When you cannot buy treatment
For family, close to death.308025_10150359534022497_1021527237_n

Where every moment left
Is spent collecting bloodstains,
On your clothing, from holding
Him close. Warmth,
To make his last moments
A comfort through his torment.
If only I had the knowledge,
To stand up to your reign,
To had stitched your open wounds
If only I had the courage,
To heal your wounds
I’m sorry life demanded it to be you.
If I had listened to the barks,
If I had checked to see you outside,
Then I wouldn’t have had to die,
I wouldn’t have had to die.

Alan Valle



Llegaste a mi, de nuevo,
Y no supe que decir
Mis palabras se perdieron
Mis lagrimas volvieron a surgir.
Esta felicidad que me brindas de momento
Dios, que es una angustia de esperanza
Una posesión histérica de tu amor
De tu conciencia,
Por todo lo que luchamos y sabiendo que ella existe también.
No estoy solo. Detrás de esta puerta.

Leon Rivera



What is transhumanism?
They have this idea
About making human beings
Higher than God.

How do we define God?
He is not the Almighty Force,
That controls all morality.
God is a lot more disconnected
Than we believe him to be.

Although he exists
Inside of our consciousness,
And he acts inside of us,
Outside of these beings.

What they propose to me
Is this transhumanist project:

Where all human beings coexist,
And all of their consciousness,
And all of these cultures,
and all these differences,
and all these similarities
Are together, inside of one mind
Which controls the entire human race.

And besides, we want to talk about
How we have all evolved,
And we are all ready
For this point of evolution.

Where everybody is interconnected,
But let’s admit the truth,
If we are in the year 2017
And people still want to be

Mean to others because of the color
Of their skin, I think it is
Completely unnecessary to say
We want evolution to lead us this way.

Because in reality, it is all inside
Of the mind of a few people who are
The leaders of this world,
And want to see humanity controlled.

Inside of this one mind,
They are going to choose not to be,
Part of this one mind,
Because they want to control this mind,
And they are going to be the gods.
And we will be the masses,
And that’s going to be control inside this axis.

So don’t be such a fool, and don’t feel controlled,
Even though, they say the words that make you swirl,
And I want to let you know that this is fucking crazy.
Because my individuality and physical body
Are what make me the being that I am,
They are what allow me to be a poet and shaman.

If I want to say that I am, inside this definition,
And even though language is a limited mechanism,
It’s not going to be this next mechanism,
Where this control and singular mind,
Is going to make this human being evolve,
Like it’s only a matter of time,
But we have to realize that these things we want to make,
Are going to be fire for the human race.

And I admit it, and I love you all for saying this,
For giving me this information and letting me make this,
But Goddamn I love you guys, and I really do, but I
Wish you could feel the way that I do, because
All this love comes from suffering, because without love
I cannot measure my suffering. And without my suffering,
I cannot measure my love. And I realize it’s just going to be
One concept up above. And it’s just going to be reason,
So if I share this consciousness with you,
It’s not going to mean anything,
Unless you pay your dues.

And even if I have to pay my dues for this,
I am not going to pay my dues, to make you feel this.
Because you know that this is free, and this is
Emotion that I perceive, and I want you, to make you,
And I wanted to make you feel this way,
And everyone in the world can evolve in this way.

Because we don’t need a machine to tell us how it slays,
We’re all human beings and we have these feelings,
Because that’s what makes us who we are,
Every fucking animal in this world,
And even the vegetable world and the minerals,
Everything has a fucking existence and life,
Because from here, to a couple thousand years,
We’re going to see, how it strikes.
And even if it breaks down, and even if we give it life,
It’s a machine, but it’s a machine that we gave life.
And even if you don’t want to admit it, well that’s its strife.

Human beings, we are not the highest thing in this world,
Now you want to talk about other aliens in the universe
Who had the same conclusions as us,
and aliens that I have turned and have transcended their bodies.

Do we want to transcend our own bodies?
When we have not dealt with our own demons.
That’s what I mean, because we still have voices
And treasons, and we have this idea of what love is
And what hate is, and how are we going to become one being?
When we have all these ideas in and hell,
A lot of people feel comfortable
But I’m not the type of person to feel like it’s normable.
Because me, personally, I still have a lot to live,
And I still draw pleasure from grabbing a fruit off of the tree,
And it is something so basic, like if it’s animalistic.

And even rapping these words gives me a certain pleasure,
And saying these things, and knowing and feeling,
And putting my hand behind my back, and feeling my spine,
And those things, ridges inside my behind, and feeling
This meat inside of my body and not having to worry
About anything that’s going to make it run,
Because my body runs perfectly inside this society.

And I don’t want to say that we need to evolve beyond that,
Because I love this world, and I love the body that gave me that,
And I love this sensation, and even if though I might say that this
Perception is a single person’s, and even though we might say that this
Is all an illusion,
And there is a higher dimension above this,
Where they view us.
And say I am entertained by watching a human being rap,
Right now it is crazy, it is fucking crack,
You know what?
Fuck it, because that’s existence,
And even if we have to pay dues to a God that doesn’t listen,
I fucking love this world, and I am sure you will too.
And as long as I find my love, you will too.

And that’s the end.
Because love is the secret,
I wish I could have seen her,
But I am not ready yet.


Versos que vienen entre
Estar despierto y el sueño
Un enamorado con la cría,
De sus abuelos
Uno de ellos
Amaba y abandonaba
Sus amores, Elena entre ellas
Tuvo más de once hijos
Por Nueva York y Puerto Rico
Después se desapareció,
no lo he conocido.

Mi otro abuelo, le rompió el corazón
A su esposa, mi progenitora,
También a su hijo, mi padre
Al ver a su padre
El día de su cumpleaños,
Ser le infiel a la madre,
Con la condena Americana
De pelo rubio
Y sus ojos azules.
Su nieto ingrato,
Sigue en sus pasos,
Con una Americana,
Peli roja de ojos azules.

Llegue temprano a la barra
La alarma me levanta a las una.
Al subir los escalones
Fui recibido;
Por su solemne sonrisa
Y ella se fue temprano
Bajo los escalones
Antes de oírme declamar
Mis poemas de rabia y amar.
Siempre hay otro individuo,
En sus vidas,
Aun nos enamoramos.

Anoche llego el día,
En el cual los solitarios
Deciden reunirse con sus ex
Parejas, la vida es tan corta
Nos invertimos en una sola persona,
Sin saber el sentimiento
Y el conocimiento que nos perdemos
Cada cual más complejo
Que el mismo mundo
Que le dio el fuego
Nuestra belleza anciana del cielo
Siendo inversionalmente proporcional,
A nuestra maldad, como especie humana.
Como raza, te amaría tan fielmente,
Directamente proporcional,
A como me rehúsa el colonialismo militar,
Derrocaría a todas las ilusiones,
En golpes de estados y revoluciones,
Todo por complacerte.
Veras, este amor se mide en acciones.

En la playa están los pulmones
Apoderados de ese aire de sal cargado
Vivimos por la gracia del sol.

En el restaurant, nos convertimos,
En compañeros, en una cena Christica
En la luna llena, vemos vuestro reflejo

Entonces se desprecia,
Solo miran al alto, al fuerte, al blanco
Desprecian y te niegan
Por la tez de tu piel, negro malvado.

Pero el espíritu libre de Ariel,
Contemplativo, bueno e imaginativo
Se encarna en este ser, además
Hay una cosa que este cuerpo de negro
Me ha dado para llenar a tu ser,
Pero gracias a la iglesia católica
Y la derogación de lo indígena
Ya se ha desmitificado
“El ahogado más bello del mundo”

Esta vida me tiene a las pelirojas
Pero atarme, ¿Para qué?
¿Encontrarme que tiene otro también?

Por esta razón respondí,
“No amo a ninguna”,
En el día de San Valentín
“Las amo a todas”,
Mi profesora dice,
“Pues este no conoce el amor muy bien”

Y hasta que llegue la hora,
Donde amare a una sola mujer,
No creo que voy a poder creer,
En un concepto tan triste como es,
El amor de dos, cuatro o dieciséis,
¿Sera una consagración venerable?
El amor de dos cientos cincuenta y seis
Minutos, con equilibro.
Entre las ilusiones y el respeto.

Mauricio Monagas


“It is the best to have loved and won,
Second best, to have loved and lost”
All that lies destined will follow.

Christic Ethylene,
Pure Mind of the Bodhi,
Melpomene, a soliloquy
For her Mystery.

On Human nature,
Emerson alleged:
“A man is god in ruins…”
We are drawn to the Flame.

A void, between the compositions of Helios.
Shiva, ‘o Lady Babylon, to whom we sing our praises.
‘Oh Say’s among men, she stood as a Titaness,
Zeus’ thunder, with frivolous fascination,
An abysmal suspicion of her broken beauty,
A maternal affection, for their father’s creation.

Gnostic Gospels speak of thy progeny
“Within me I carry the Seeds of Christ,”
Parthenogenesis and an old regal clock-tower,
A Sanctuary in the Earth, by the hour.

A bloodied cub the Hyenas prayed to devour
Daunt, “so fragile” – mere words could tear her apart,
She remained a child in secrecy – a deity in art
“The flower in the crannied wall,” of Lord Tennyson.

Spirit of the Divine, see the World through her eyes.
Marie the Mother, or the Lover of Light.

Olympus intervened and took her Soul from me,
A stoic’s shell in the midst of the Great Plains,
A shout rang through the clouds, loud; “You’ve taken my life,
My joy, my wonder, fry my flesh with your thunder!”

And in his visions, Oceanus visits
The titan, a giant of a frightful countenance,
The hero would face a fate worse than Dionysus’,
Skull, bones, skin, limbs, remain as bloodied crumbs,
To surrender thy flesh, in a feast for titans.

At the face of your fate, choose not to decay.
Awaken and slice open the bowels of the beast.
Emergent products, the titan regurgitates.
A heroine has conquered the monster.

Kin of Jonah – poets sail for the Holy Mountain,
Yet they stay to dwell in purgatory,
To claims conduits to Father Sky and Mother Earth,
Through tribulations, They bring us a message.

“Our future is ominous… rests in ruins,
Behemoth and Leviathan sleep lightly,
Set your sights on the World, from Rio to Thebes,
Count the spirits, as they succumb.

“Leviathan and Behemoth lie sleeping,
Our future, how ominous, rests in ruins,
Your work is not yet done,
Count the spirits, as they succumb.
Set your sights on the World, from Rio to Thebes,
Before the great tribulation and the Seventh Seal
Use your wisdom, to prepare them on their journeys.
Mother and the Celestials will rest to heal.”

Elena Leon Barbot

The Fool

Oh pathetic, don’t let your mind wander,
On film strips, in moments that went ‘yonder.
Replay. Strips over and over, in mind.
I Magnify and Project, a universal prospect!

Light, “It had to be so”, the Fool treads through,
Anxiety, tears, virginity; sinews
Per her Heart, bends in waves for another,
Or maybe she yearned to go, discover.

Why would you blame her? Eclipse, Lucifer.
You are not the Most High, Fool, hear.
Your courage drove you, in your first step,
Yet you tread, confidently in ignorance.

Mauricio Monagas


Ghosts from my path beckon at me from a window,
They’ve written songs, we have sung in the past.
Simpler were times when I did not comprehend,
By the time my sight focused, they vanished again.

Experiences a many have passed since then,
And the specters they beckon at me again,
I cannot lay the blame to them for a friend,
For a friend has cost them the other’s end.

As I went up the staircase the thought wavered
Through my mind: I used to see you everyday
And I have not seen you in over three blue moons.
How many forests have fallen and risen since then?

Words read, words heard, words have changed you.
Cease, rest your gesturing, the judgment is firm,
You knew the problem and chose to support it
Becoming the very thing you most dreaded.

Alan Valle

In Memoriam

Our homes were mutual, as blood brothers,
Despite not having spoken to one another,
For over fourteen years. Destiny ties a lace,
Between the children of a growing race.

Always sickly, as a child in the academy,
A black sheep, our brother, our friend.
You left early, to spark a journey.
When we reunited over them moon.
Playing foundations, to lay down the grooves.

Pragmatic idealist, always carrying gifts,
Whose actions nobody could ever comprehend,
A trust, a lack of concern, that lasts for days.
Degrees could not measure your mentality.
Listening to books as you drove.

I remember our first conversation.
You gave me a reminder, a life lesson:
A forgotten gesture of kindness,
A treasury of forgotten memories.
Imagined by our innocence.

God, that art in Heaven,
Did you not sacrifice your son?

Alan Valle